August 7th, 2010


Interesting Fan Discussion Post

One of my daily reads on my Friends Page is "My Buffyholism is Showing" and there is a very interesting post by gabrielleabelle. The topic is the viewpoints that fans general argue from in discussions of the Buffyverse. 

Gabrielleabelle breaks it down as "What Happens vs. How It's Done". It isn't a long article, so I would recommend reading it real quick before we get jump past the cut:

My reply was to say basically that I'm a "How It's Done" sort of guy. I wanted to expand on this just a little bit. For me, it is almost never about what a character actually does or why they did it, although these can be enjoyable elements of the story telling, and I would never argue they aren't important to a narrative - after all, they are the story.
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So, this is my view of 'what happens' vs. 'how it is done'. You can see why I couldn't post this long-ass reply in the original post's comment section. In fact, this turned out even longer than I expected - since I wasn't going to bring up Seeing Red at all.


The Cultural Catch Up Project

The Cultural Catch Up Project is watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer as someone who never watched the series before. He's a newbie and he's writing an analysis as he views the series and asking commenters not to post any spoiler info... I've mentioned it before under my "Recommendations" tab.

The only part that I don't like about the Project is that he doesn't really critique each and every episode. Instead he'll watch several episodes and then write a short essay on the direction of the series, what his impressions were about the strength of the storytelling in getting its themes across and so on and so forth.

But, in a few cases, he'll devote an essay to an individual story or episode. And, he's reached "The Body".
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