July 3rd, 2010


S8 Bangel and Spuffy.... (sort of a part II, if you will)

I wanted to sort of expand on my feelings about Bangel and Spuffy and what I'd like to see, as opposed to whatever canon turn out being:

In a previous post - HERE - I said the following:
I'd like to see Buffy emotionally resolved to everything that her and Angel/Angelus had gone through. I'd like to see her resolve what her and Spike had been through (I think she's already farther along in that process because of S7). I'd like her to understand that she's fine on her own, but to be completely open to love again, if and when the circumstances are right and she feels a connection to somebody.

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So - that's what I meant by Buffy/Spike/Angel being dealt with.


Seeing Red Question

Actually, I posted in the comment section that I would post my full reply here (disagreeing with another point), but I sort of said what I needed to in the comment section: Oops.

We may not be done with this issue though - I might need to post more detail once I see what the responses are, because - obviously - the Buffy/Spike scenes in this episode are not only disturbing, they're fandom-splitting.

Feel free to post reply here or there, though, because I never mind somebody disagreeing with me or making me see something that I hadn't before - In fact, the more confused I am on an issue, the better I think.

Makes me feel the brain is still generating wattage....

Wow. Seeing Red is the Episode!

We have another poll about 'Seeing Red', but this time it isn't about the AR... but just to be clear, I understand why that is the focus.  Although, I also picture Tara lying on the floor when I think of this episode in addition to Spike/Buffy in the bathroom... and Willow's red eyes which, when I saw the episode the first time, made me immediately exclaim, "Oh, shit."

"In Seeing Red, Buffy tells Spike she couldn't let Xander kill him (in Entropy). Here's the dialogue (beginning of Spike's first line is cut out):

SPIKE: You should have let him kill me.

BUFFY: I couldn't do that.


BUFFY: You know why.

SPIKE: Because you love me.

BUFFY: No! I don't."

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