June 26th, 2010


Dead Man Party friend-family fightage.

Okay, the title of my post is awkward - just go with it. The Slayerettes have a new poll for us regarding Buffy and Scooby Gang/Joyce's reaction to Buffy's starting to pack her bags again. You remember? She overheard a tipsy Joyce say something stupid to her annoying, cloying (and I think probably gossipy) friend *Pat*, who I feel compelled to treat with slight derision, even though I don't really know her and she ended up deaded, so I should be more charitable toward and immediately ran upstairs to start throwing clothes in her suitcase.

And then, Willow saw it and got an attitude and they were trying to talk it out, but then Joyce came upstairs and Willow immediately ratted her out for thinking about leaving again? And then Joyce threw a fit, chased Buffy downstairs into the middle of the "welcome back" shindig ... or hootnanny? Well, whichever.

And then, Xander had to throw in his two cents in as harsh a tone as he could have come up with?

Yes, that argument:

Had the Scoobies and Joyce right to fly into rage, because of what Buffy was intending to do in Dead Man's Party(run away again)?  

My short answer is 'yes'. But my longer answer is that the situation was a bit complicated (as these human things usually are).
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Angel, Buffy & S 8 -- my fantasy version

Livejournal poster joans_journal posted a question that I've responded to HERE about Dead Things - and why Buffy reacted so strongly to Spike's declaration about her being his girl.

As these things often do, it led to more discussion about Buffy and her relationships - and sort of swerved into Bangel territory. In the course of this discussion among the commenters joan/becky asked this question, which caught my interest :

Good point, but if Joss has no interest in developing their relationship - why get them back together now? Why drudge it all up after so long? Why not have Buffy and Angel move on? Why make them literal soulmates?  

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