June 18th, 2010


Plans (it's okay to scoff, I won't blame you)

I know, I know, I should really - really stop doing this. I make and break plans all the time. I freely admit that I've been promising the review of BTVS: I Robot, You Jane for ... well, just about forever and still it remains undone.

I'm a bad, bad reviewer.

But my *plans* really, honestly is to do it this weekend. Really, this time. But in the meanwhile - I'm working on the FRAY trade paperback review so I can dive into the Buffy S8 "Time of Your Life" arc. I've started the review tonight - and I *plan* on having at least the first two chapters reviewed and posted tomorrow. This one will be a multi-part by necessity because of LJ's posting limits. Right now though, I have to check out my Friends and Friends of Friends pages to see what everyone is up to ... I did mention that I'm a bad, bad reviewer, didn't I?

Will it help if I feel slightly guilty about it?

She never disappoints....

My Buffyholism is Showing never disappoints. She always has a new poll to tempt me away from my reviewage and fanfictioning. This one, she promises, will be both long AND awesome - now I ask you, How does one refuse that?

Answer - One doesn't, of course! Geez. Haven't you been reading my previous poll answers?

And one more thing - the poll includes the top three and bottom three, but I'm going to separate them into different posts because my top three answers will provide some discussion to. The bottom three will probably end up just being listed. Oh, one more thing - I should have ordered them by favorites, but I didn't - OOPS - Instead they are ordered by Season, so just consider them that way and not as the first one listed is the fave, 'k?

On to the cut, friends, but first you should really go take the poll yourself!

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Whew! That was a long one, eh? And we still have to revisit everything from the other side! I'm not even sure I'll actually have enough time this morning to do it. In fact, I know I don't - but I'll have something to do tonight or Saturday/Sunday from home (depending on if I choose to do the second half of the poll or work on the FRAY review, instead).