June 9th, 2010


Buffy Episode poll - REPTILE BOY

The newest episode poll is HERE where you can join the cool kids....
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On a side note - I tried to post part one of my 'Dawn of the Dead' (70's version) today - so it is done, but I'm getting some crap about updating my account if I wanna upload any pictures - but when I followed the link - I see nothing that indicates I'm out of storage space (not even close - 2 Gigs is a lot to fill up). Has anyone else run into something like this? Any clue which one of the LJ administrator logs I should be contacting if it doesn't resolve on its own next time I try?


Ugh, I don't want to fill up the friends' page, but...

... another flippin' poll involving Buffyverse morality that I found interesting. It's just a single question, and one with a relatively short answer too - so I shouldn't bother cutting at all - except, I will anyway:

Hmmm... you know what, I hope shapinglight won't mind because I really need to just copy/paste some of her explanation so you can see what the actual question is about ...

"We weren't supposed to care about them, and to make sure we didn't fall into that trap, Joss introduced the vampires-are-soulless-and-therefore-can-never-be-anything-but-evil idea to differentiate between the characters we were supposed to care about and those we weren't.

Of course, with the introduction of Spike and Dru, things began to get messy, and they only got messier when Spike became a show regular and poor, hopeless Harmony got vamped. They got messier still when Angel had his fling with Darla in AtS season 2, Spike and Buffy had their affair in BtVS season 6, and when Harmony became a regular in AtS season 5, and so on and so on. In other words, the vampire characters grew personalities, let us into their lives and made us care about them, or at least be intrigued by them. They became people, not things, or some of them did.

That being the case, I'd be interested to know whether people think there's some measure of degree in the way the good guys can treat vampires as opposed to the way they treat other humans. Please note, I'm not saying they shouldn't kill them. It pretty much goes without saying that they have to. But if they treat them badly otherwise - for instance, the way Spike treats Harmony, and the way Angel treats Darla in Epiphany - does it matter the same, or less?

Does it matter if the good guys treat vampires badly?  (So, you see this is really about how the heroes treat the enemy they are fighting or sexing in the case of the Buffy/Spike debacle of BTVS: S6)
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