May 22nd, 2010


The "not a lot to say" post....

I'm not dead, so there's something although my sinuses are making me wonder if I have super-mold growing up in there or something....

I worked on "Dawn of the Dead" review some more - still only 26 minutes into the movie - don't know why there seems to be so much to type on it - except that I love it so.

The 'writing in my head' which is always how I start on spanderverse stories - just scenes that I'll want to include, acted out in my imagination, is going apace. I believe that I should be typing out Ch1 of new story tomorrow or Monday - no title yet.

Willow, Giles and Jenny are really convicting me for not getting to the BtVS, S1 review - "I Robot....", so that is on tomorrow's agenda as well. (Oh, shut up Willow - your story is boring, anyway - the only reason to watch that episode is for the Giles/Jenny 'ship.)

Angel 16 review - The issue finally ends "After the Fall...." six issues too late. I collect "Aftermath" as well, so the reviews won't stop - this particular issue review should be posted early Tuesday morning.

And then it's back to BTVS: S8, but we need to detour into FRAY first for the next arc. My 'Fray' is a TPB so I'm not sure yet if I'll be doing a full page by page review - or just a mini-review (like I did for Zombies). It will basically boil down to whether I can get decent page scans without breaking the books spine or not.

So much planned - so little energy - and so much to read in the Friends and Friends of Friends links that are distracting... damn you Friends and Friends of Friends! (kidding - don't de-friend me, I'll cry)

It's a fact - editors don't work on Saturdays.

From the supposedly professional news organization at Michigan Radio:


Jackson, Other Leaers Call For Mass Transit Funding


Bobb Lawsuits Begin In Detroit

Judges heard arguments in two lawsuits against the Detroit Public Schools Emergency Financial Manager on Fridya. (But at least in this second case, the actual story has the correct spelling - it's just the person that posted this to live journal that didn't check the spell-checker.)

Did I really just FRIEND yet another site?! (and polls answers, Part I)

Yes. Yes, I did. Because I'm not distracted from doing my posting duties already. -sigh-

The Slayerettes community actually hooked me through their poll, which I just posted on about our deep, dark, possibly unpopular opinions about our Buffyverse (that's right, Joss and FOX - move over, we're taking it - lol). That poll/my answer is HERE.

Since I started to go back in their post-history, I decided to just friend them instead of depending on the Friend of Friend - and since there are polls I missed from before, I decided to answer them now - because you are all infatuated with my opinions on all topics-Buffy, dammit, and I will not believe anything else:

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