May 14th, 2010


Joss and The Gays (Buffyverse-centric on my part)

AfterElton has a quick list of what the author is terming as the Five Gayest Buffy Episodes, which was fun to read. But, it was such a slight and silly little piffle, that I wouldn't have bothered with a link, if it wasn't for the fascinating comments section, which was of much more interest to read....

This article just reinforces my confusion about why gay men and this site in particular have such love for Joss Whedon. Some people seem to think he is more gay supportive than he actually is. I see why the lesbians love him, but Buffy, Angel, Firefly, and Dollhouse have had very few gay male characters. - Submitted by joeyhegele

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ASK vs GUESS Cultures

I totally love this "friends of friends" feature in LJ, because I run into so many amazing things that I probably would never stumble across on my own (see Spock/Pie last entry). Plus, it's just a swell way to spend the night in between my job responsibilities (but let's just keep that part quiet).

So, first I want to direct you to this post over at eowyn_315's page (Stormwreath, excepted)....

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