May 11th, 2010


There's a controversy?

So, apparently there is some sort of bru-hah-ha about some comments that a few published writers have made slamming fanfic. Now as you may know, I happen to play around in the Buffy fanfic with this little series called spanderverse, so I have a vested interest that isn't exactly neutral when it comes to people saying anything negative about a pass-time that isn't hurting anyone else.

Spontaneous Musings by one Shadowcat67 was annoyed enough to post a reply because it bothered her to which I say - right on, Sister.
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Hmmm... I posted this much too soon - More linkages, including this first one which explains some of the outrageous things said about us icky fanficcers who are like child-slaverers and make this authoress just barf ... don't worry dearie, I won't be writing about your characters since I haven't bothered to read your books, and now never will. Collapse )

More responses with linkages.....