May 7th, 2010


The Death Post

EW Online has an article that was referred to at Whedonesque with their picks for the top 20 TV Deaths. Obviously, there is a BTVS death included in the list. So I thought I'd take a gander at it and provide a bit of commentary on those I'm familiar with. 

There are some comments at Whedonesque complaining that when they clicked on the link, they got spoiled on some shows they're getting caught up on?!! Why in the hell would somebody click through a "MOST ...." list if they didn't want to be possibly spoiled - I mean doesn't the very fact that it is a non-show specific list of a major shocking theme (characters being killed off) sort of heavily imply that there is going to be major plot spoils ahead??

Excuse me, while I roll my eyes until they strain -

So, under the cut are the deaths I'm familiar with, including the Buffy-pick in the list - don't look under cut if you fear spoilage!

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