May 1st, 2010


Did you see this Spike-a-licious poll?

Running through my Friends-of-Friends page, I ran across this here poll with some quite interesting thoughts so in addition to friending the poster, answering the poll long windedly and now checking back every few hours in order to check out any additional thoughts, I'm now posting the question/my answers here, since it has been a few days since the poll was issued. Please clicky on linky below and check out the thoughts of others....

(The poll is by coalitiongirl who mutually friended me, making me feel special)
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Because I love talking about Buffy and Want Others to Love It, Too....

Okay, that might have been a stupidly long title for a post, but let's just skip past that. The point of the post is to direct you to another of my new LJ-friended finds that started as surfing the Friends of Friends option... this poster is a posting fool of posts and I feel like I'm going to have to devote like a whole day to doing nothing but reading her analysis of Buffy.

I look so forward to it!

So, since I've found myself fascinated by the topics she's posted revolving around Buffy - I'd love for her to get more traffic too.  GO.