March 31st, 2010


Congratulations, CERN

The Hadron Collider came back online with little fanfare back in November. Since that time, particles have been sent whizzing around the contraption gaining speed for a fatal collision with one another. CERN has announced that the collider has successfully smashed together protons at the highest rate of speed yet achieved.

The massive machine is finally producing the hoped for results after at least two delays - one involving a bird dropping some bread (divine providence?) shutting down the machine and the other involving an incident where a bad coupling allowed magnets to overheat.

The problem with the magnets caused extensive damaged that had to be repaired.

    The Guardian live blogging of experiment.


It's chapter 16 posted to the spanderverse story, Coming of the Scooby Army.

In Monday Surprise, Xander and Spike's relationship seems to be recovering, while Dawn and Kevin's is definitely headed in the right direction. Tara is dealing with the domestic problems of getting things fixed at Dawn's and Giles', while Willow gets what she hopes is a good sign.

Meanwhile Rick is finding an interesting mystery surrounding Detective Gannon and Xander is shocked, and a bit outraged, by a visitor to the apartment....