March 26th, 2010


Answer this FOX poll....

Fox News has a poll asking whether the new HCB was the right move for America... when I registered by 'yes' vote, it was beating the 'no' camp by 2% ---


I bet FOX didn't see that one coming. I'm sure they thought they'd have a graphic ready, overwhelming NO to plaster all over their cable station in an hour. I wonder how long they'll have to wait until they can get Beck and Limbaugh to rush their 'low information' viewers over there to change those numbers (probably through multiple votes)... how long will they have to wait before it's a more acceptable number for the GOP_Propaganda Network to post on air...?

She Wolf of London - an update

No, this isn't about an updated version of the old Universal She-Wolf of London! It's an update that I've added to my review of this movie.

You see, I alas did not know it at the time of my review, but one of my latest recommendated (huh? according to spellchecker that isn't a word - but it should be, so I'm letting it stand) entries was for the review site,

And they have an interview with June Lockhart - focusing on SHE WOLF OF LONDON! Now, just how cool is that. And, it's only from Feb, 2010 so I'm not even linking to a post that has mold on it!

Wow, sometimes I am just awesome, aren't I?

Oh, uh, Tom Weaver is sorta cool, too. And, uh, Editor-in-Creep (his words!) Nate Yapp isn't not-cool ... but, let's get back to me!! I, mean - back to the post - which is about uh - an interview....