March 11th, 2010

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Well, now we have to pass it! (UPDATED for Stupid Burns!)

Thanks Limpblow. Now, we have an overwhelming reason to ignore any measured judgments about the strengths and weaknesses of the current health insurance reform legislation... we must pass it. It's a no-lose proposition; if there is even a chance in a hundred-thousand that he'll leave, we must do it. And, if he doesn't leave it'll just be another "this idiot is a big mouthed bullshitter and nothing more" moment.

Not that any of his rabid fans will ever remember this pledge... and if anyone brings it up again, they'll insist it is a lie perpetrated by the left who created it wholesale with a Rush-lookalike and then come up with 20 reasons why they can 'prove' that the moron behind the mic never said any such thing... But, wow, would it be wonderful if Costa Rica got him (although, I'd prefer to send him off to Nigeria).

Limbaugh vows to flee the country if health care passes.

Update: His effing stupidity is even worse than at first blush... not to mention possibly hypocritical... you see as his Noxious-Sputum is railing against curbing Health Insurance Excesses and wishing to Deny Coverage to those in need (probably 65% of his audience who choose to cut their own noses off to spite their faces), his threatened new home has ... wait for it...


One last update, and then I'm leaving this asshat behind: Bummer, he won't be leaving (that was quick).


Another Recommendy Post

Thanks to Final Girl's current project of asking horror bloggers to answer a quick survey about their sites, their philosophies and their inclinations toward Adrienne Barbeau I've been introduced to some new blogs. I've hopped out to these and looked around and such and such.

But, I think I may have found a new Safe for Work review-type site. Nate Yapp's is a new stop for me and he has lots and lots of reviews to read through. And like me, he's in love with the Universal cycle of horror, but doesn't limit himself to them for his reviewing. He offers 5 different ways of searching through his review archive and his reviews are more than a few word blurb, but they also don't wear on causing a big investment of time for each one.

I think I'll find a lot to enjoy at his site, so I'm offering a linkage.

You know what, one of these evenings, I'm gonna have a recommended-list post in which I collect the various links on one page... something I can continually update as I find new, interesting movie-review sites... oh, won't that be nice for you all!

The Next Buffy Review

So, I have this insane idea for 'Wolves at the Gate', where by I plan on typing up the reviews for all 4 issues this weekend and then post them all in the same day. I decided this because I didn't like how long my procrastination lasted between issues during the Faith arc (No Future for You).

 I figure this way, if I do slack off, at least y'all won't notice because I won't have started an arc review and then let it sit for weeks (or, uh, you know - months) right in the middle of the plot. I also think it will help with the review for me to read the entire arc in one sitting. I've already scanned my excerpts from all 4 books and they're waiting for me impatiently to get to the writing part. So, this weekend is the weekend, dammit... even if I have to chain myself to the chair... maybe....

(well, I was going to include the covers for the next 4 issues as a sneak peek, but despite having DSL, it doesn't seem to want to upload them quickly at the moment and I gotta get ready to leave for work)

Big Edit 03/16, 0140am: I am a big fat liar guy. I did not even start any Wolves at the Gate reviews. I did manage to do that mini-review for Zombies and I have half of a chapter in spanderverse done and uh... yeah. Big, fat lazy liar guy. Honestly, I don't know what happened to the weekend - I blinked and it was over! I feel horrible - sort of - I really wanted to get Buffy's Season 1 review of the episode Angel out, too. Uhg... I have no good excuses to give... sorry.