February 5th, 2010


Update - Feb 5th.

Hello, Gang -

  I know I haven't posted in a few days. There just hasn't been anything that has caught my eye for linkages and I haven't done anything since the long, long Jaws review. Tonight, I worked on the next WATCHERS review, and will be posting it tomorrow night.

  I also have the page scans done for Angel: After the Fall, numbers 7 and 8, so I'd like to get those reviews done and posted tomorrow overnight as well. Finally, I may or may not have time to also review Angel vs. Frankenstein (which I haven't even gotten to reading, yet and I've had it for weeks), but if it isn't tomorrow, it will be soon.

  This weekend will be all about spanderverse, including posting at least 2 chapters come Hell or High Water (as my mom says) this weekend.

  For the coming week (whether during the weekday, or next weekend - we'll see how wore out I am and how much sleep I get in) I'll be tackling a movie review. Right now, it will be "The Birds", but that is subject to change for something shorter and I'll be posting a review for BTVS: The Pack, which has been sitting by the computer and waiting for me for much, much too long.

So, these are the plans, sort term. Hugs to you all.


The Hubble Space Telescope has given astronomer's their best views of Pluto that they've ever gotten. I've been waiting to see some details of this planet since about forever. Alas, I still don't have 'em.

Unfortunately, while the HST is resolving more as the little planetoid moves closer to the sun in its wild orbit, at the current time it isn't able to resolve fine enough for any detailed surfacing:

A scientist with the HST team responded to an email I had sent him some time ago, explaining why Hubble could give us shots of stars and galaxies billions of light years away, but couldn't share a decent picture of Pluto. I wish I had kept it so I could post the thing here, but it didn't survive one of my occasional 'clean outs' of my Inbox... damn me.

Anyway, I just hope that I'll live long enough to see the images from the New Horizons probe currently speeding its way toward the double planet system (with Charon). That vehicle will arrive sometime in 2015.