January 23rd, 2010


Buffy Recommendation

I was thinking that I wouldn't have anything to post this evening, 'cause my usual suspects let me down and I was going to do a review, but I'm tired and that's not the right mind frame, so (run on, run on, run on....)

To the point: Then I ran across this very nice little Buffy reviewage site and in case you haven't gotten the idea yet, I'm very much into Buffy review and discussion. This site has a nice little bit of individualism by not just giving a quick synopsis, but by assigning positive and negative points to each on going character in an episode. When you've read as many reviews as I have, you pretty much can repeat the basic plot points in your sleep, even on episodes you don't make a habit of revisiting, so it's always nice when you run across someone who has added their own little spin....

How This Works


Writer's Block: Forever young?

If you were forced to live forever at any age, what age would you choose, and why? What if your memories stopped at your chosen age? How would that impact your decision?

This one is easy - Age 30. It was when I felt the best about myself and when I realized that this was MY life and I could stop trying to make sure that everyone else was happy with my choices. It took until them for me to get that my life was about me and what I wanted.