October 24th, 2009


Recommendation in Honor of Halloween

Since October is the month for horror, I want to recommend two sites. One of these I've mentioned before because I loves me some Final Girl. The other is a fine movie viewer known as Arbogast. Both of them are doing a special somethin'-somethin' for the month and since I've enjoyed going through the month with 'em, here's the clicky-linky so you can give them some traffic, as well.

Final Girl is reviewing a horror movie a day:

Day 1: "Wait a minute...who am I here?"

You can can start with her mini-reviewy-thing of The Stepfather.

When you're done getting caught up on her 31 movies in 31 days (though, we're not at 31 yet - 'natch) you can skip on over to Arbogast's:

He's got something quite interesting going on... collecting 31 days of screams. Highlighting some of the best screamer scenes and describing why they caught his attention (which, yes... why is he so into screaming? creepy and all that, but I'm not suggesting you invite him over and be his new bestest friend) is a fascinating read:

It's that delay that makes this scream classic to my eyes. I wish Hobson had done more horror movies because she was born for it.