October 13th, 2009


Have you ever looked up yourself?

I'm sure everyone must have been curious at one time or another and entered their own name in Google. Now, if your name is 'Mike Smith' or 'Kelly Green', I have no doubt that that you're still lost in net-obscurity due to the shear number of results that pops up (1,550,000 and 140,000 respectively and that's put a modifier on Kelly to avoid the color results), but I figured that I'd be relatively unique.

My last name is Polish and has 11 letters, including the unpopular 'Z' and so how many of 'me' could there be?

Turns out 3... and one of them lives very close to me, too. Now, what are the odds of that?! And isn't it kind of creepy?

My first thought in this modern age of credit scores and electronic fraud was "I wonder if this is somebody using my identity" but I just got a new debit card and a home improvement loan (don't even get me started on whining about that) and there were no red flags that popped up.

So, like, who are these people in Clinton Township MI, Buffalo NY and New Westminster, BC? Have you ever been tempted to try to find an email for somebody who shares your name and find out more about their lives?

Want to hear one weirder? Several years ago we had an announcement in the local paper of my aunt-through-marriage, ex-aunt-through-divorce, Linda. But, she hadn't died. This was a completely other Linda with our families last name... which is what caused me to look for my own name and discover my dopplegangers out there.

What are the odds of another Robert and another Linda living in the same geographical area with our long, Polish last name?? Do you think if I ever met one of these other souls by accident and shook their hand we'd just be obliterated, or wink out of existence or something?

Alas, the other two men with my name don't come up on Google Images. Maybe that's a good thing - maybe they look like me too! Maybe gazing upon them would cause me to go insane... like the victim out of an H.P. Lovecraft story....