March 21st, 2009


Spander post!

Chapter 22 has been posted in spanderverse. The Cost of Giles is getting close to the wrap up, finally. Dare I say that I'd like to get it wrapped up and posted tomorrow? No, I'd better not. I've posted I was gonna do something in the past, and then not done it.

Let's just say that Chapter 23 or 24 will be the end of this story... so we're close, gang. For now, we take a breath before the live-or-die battle with Ripper Giles and the Book of Midnight with Dawn at Carole's. Giles, Tara and Alican al Rashid are all getting prepared with help from the Shadowrealm Quessler demons. Detective Stein is still dealing with the knife murder of Ms. Milner (and if that name sounds familiar, it's because Anya used to live there in Spanderverse: Dracula and Spanderverse: Confusion of Three... it's been so long ago!). And, Spike and Xander have some making up to do:

Complicated Relations