February 14th, 2009


Spander post - Ch 17

Over in the spanderverse community, I've posted Chapter 17 of The Cost of Giles. I still don't know how many chapters it will end up as... perhaps 25? 26?

Anyway, in ...

Giles and Xander: They Aren't Alright

Hyena-Xander has tracked down Andrew and Warren to their hideout, with Spike hot on the trail. Giles continues acting non-Giles like under the influence of Dark Magic. Willow and Tara have to take care of their "guest" and deal with a rather brutal storm making the scene.


Ch 18 posted

Over in my spanderverse community, I've posted Chapter 18 of "The Cost of Giles".

When Friends Become Foes

While Spike is confronting Hyena on her murderous impulses toward Warren and Andrew, the witches and the wizard have to confront the fact that Giles is out of control. In the meanwhile, Rick's night hasn't been busy enough as it is, he gets another call.