January 10th, 2009


Another updatey-type post

Whew... so, it's been a very busy few weeks at work... lots of OT, lots of unexpected busyness and such and so forth. Still, I managed to get a chapter of Spanderverse posted a bit ago wrapping up Adam and Aprilbot/Faithbot's fates. Future chapters will revolve around a guest appearance, Hyena going after the Trio, Giles' dark-magical breakdown and checking in with the Hellmouth Wisp o' Doom currently possessing people in Sunnydale.

Next week, I am off for a whole glorious week and intend to spend it finishing The Cost of Giles and posting the whole of the story. (EDIT: And I would have, except that I picked up the latest virus and my computer is paralyzed until I get the geek squad out to clean it up... damn people! Damn 'em!!) I'm also going to go back and clean up my Watchers' reviews with the new .25-based rating scale (right now, I used .50) and hopefully doing one new one.

I'd also like to get posted my reviews for Angel:After the Fall, After the Fall:Spike, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season 8 issues 1.

In the meanwhile....

We have some new and encouraging news from the Obama transition team re: the repealing of DADT:


And while, mostly, we're hearing positive things about the military's readiness to admit that
gays in the military have not/will not hurt morale , we can always count on our friends in Republican Right circles to let us know that we are not loved. In fact, they're still convinced that we'll destroy America with this inclusion nonsense.

Remember, however, these are the folks that still call Obama "The One" and are convinced that everyone that voted for him are in a messianic thrall... especially read the posters to "Hot Air"... these some scary folks. In addition, while one of the links above state there isn't any stomach to fight for DADT among the military, the other link reports a study indicating it is still highly opposed by our Men and Women in Uniform, so....

Of course the big question was not answered by incoming WH Press Secretary, Robert Gibbs ... that being, when?

I'm of two minds about this topic folks... on the one hand, the military has to be integrated for our brothers and sisters who have chosen to put their lives on the line for their country. And, we have to push these things on the military because they are, by nature, a conservative "status quo" type of institution. They always have been and always will be. Sometimes our civilian leaders need to practice a little tough love... especially with Great Britain, Israel and Australia already proving that gay men and women can be as brave, tough and proud to serve as any straight in uniform.

On the other hand... if there is really strong opposition amongst our soldiers to serving with openly queer fellow soldiers, is ongoing warzones the best places to start instituting new personnel policies? I'm hesitant about that. Even with testimony that fellow soldiers don't give a damn about sexual orientation while battling for their lives, and with more and more voices speaking out against the policy from within the military obviously there will be some blowback, regardless.

I think, ultimately, we need to push forward and overturn DADT... but I do worry about the safety of openly gay soldiers in a battlefield. The line between "accidental friendly fire" and deliberate murder would seem to be awfully fine under those conditions. And it's not like violence is never visited on gay men and women in the best of times.

So... how reliable are facts and figures when it comes to this issue? Are there any actual polls by reputable and non-partisan/non-opinioned pollsters available? Is there any true up to date data on how "grunts" on the ground feel about the guy next to them enjoying Playgirl, instead of Playboy?