September 17th, 2008


Assisting Big Cats....

Hey, everyone...

  I just wanted to post this site so those interested could petition the Indiana state government to take action to rescue some big cats that are being held in an "animal reserve" which, unfortunately, is nothing of the kind.
  First for more information, visit 
for a true 'big cat reserve'. 

  There is an article in Fall, 2008 'Big Cat Times'  by Diane Gustafson detailing what she describes as "deplorable" conditions that the cats live in at a facility called "Great Cats of Indiana". Self-describing as an "animal sanctuary", Ms. Gustafson describes the road side attraction as nothing more than a "road side zoo" in which the cats are given no room to roam and are in "facilities" that amount to nothing more than fenced in cages.

  She has set up an on-line petition to urge the Secretary of Agriculture in Indiana to close down this facility and send these great cats to a true sanctuary. The petition is HERE.

Take a moment and sign it, won't you?