May 17th, 2008


WaTchers Review

Season One, Episode 15 -

About Last Night 

Story by CN Winters and Susan Carr
Written by CN Winters and Susan Carr
Directed by: CN Winters and Susan Carr
Produced by: CN Winters and Susan Carr
Edited by: Kate
Sound Department: Steff
Art Director: Chris Cook
Artists: Chris Cook, David Zahir, Chantal, CN Winters
Guest Starring:
Jordan Baker as Sheila Rosenberg, Sam Waterston as Ira Rosenberg, Thora Birch as Tracey, Lexa Droig as Greet and Brent Spiner as Tram.
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About Spanderverse

Sorry for the wait on getting Rebuilding posted. As I've mentioned in another post, my time on the home computer is more limited at the moment. I plan on posting the rest of the chapters (30 in total) on Monday as well as the last Spanderverse story I've written: Dawn.

After that, I'm afraid I don't know... lots of problems with getting my head together on the next story and where to take everyone's individual arcs at the moment.

Any ideas? I'd love for my Muse to get a swift kick in the rump to get her back to work.