May 13th, 2008


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Chapter 16 has been posted for Rebuilding in spanderverse community.

Life Stuff

While Buffybot and Giles deals with Dawn's school problems, Xander and Hyena have words. He calls Willow, who's possibly having even more trouble dealing with Buffy's loss than Dawn, even.

Vanessa begins building an army to take on Spike.

(I plan on posting the rest of the chapters, but I'm having a lot of computer delays and it's pissing me off. I may need to walk away to avoid breaking something important... monitor, the keyboard, you know.)

Spanderverse chapter posted

Well, I wanted to completely post Rebuilding, but its just not happening. I have gone ahead and posted Chap 19 though:


Xander has completed Buffy's headstone, but it only ends up upsetting Dawn, again. Warren notices something about 'Buffy' that Andrew and Jon have missed. Vanessa consults with her turned housewives as she is still puzzling over what Spike is playing at.