April 10th, 2008


Posted Chapter 8 of Battling with a God

 Livejournal is pissing me off by being slow to respond, today. After a lot of swearing though, I've got the first part of Chapter 8 posted. I had to post it in two parts because it was too long for the post to be accepted in one go.

Vision part I - Buffy goes on her vision-quest and gets her "death is your gift" message from a Guardian.

Spike and Xander have a chat about that little smooch, finally.

Vision part II-
Ben Webb contemplates a deal with Glory to try to save himself. Buffy and Giles have a talk in the car on the way back to Xan's apartment.


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 Battling with a God, chapter 10 posted to spanderverse community.

Tactical Retreat or Escort Duty

The retreat from Sunnydale starts inauspiciously when Anya has a freak-out and Buffy is consumed with guilt for not staying and fighting.


  You know how sometimes a song gets in your head and that's it... it doesn't go away again? Well I've got Richard Dreyfuss, Roy Schieder, and Robert Shaw singing "Show Me the Way to Go Home... I'm Tired and I Wanna Go to Bed...."