March 27th, 2008


Spanderverse, ch 2 posted

Songs of Pain and Comfort, chapter 2 of 10 has been posted to spanderverse.

In the Clutches....

Buffy is getting more and more antsy with Giles and the Council for not coming up with anything to battle Glory. The god herself has become tired of waiting on the Slayer to cooperate and sends her minions out to snag a Slayerette. Spike and Buffybot are attacked by a Fyarl demon.


Spanderverse, chapter 4 post

Chapter 4 of 10 posted for Songs of Pain and Comfort.

Buffy Meets Buffy

The gang meet the Buffybot and Buffy decides she has to find and kill Spike... until Xander tells the gang he thinks he's in love with the vampire!

It's news that isn't welcomed by Giles or the Buffy robot... everyone else is just too stunned to respond.