March 24th, 2008


Spanderverse posted

Before proceeding to the next Spanderverse story, you should really re-watch or at least review the script for BTVS: The Body.

Joyce has died. The gang has left the morgue at the hospital and now must deal with the awful hours afterward.

Grief of Loss

Each of the gang deal with their loss of Joyce and Giles contacts L.A.


Last chapter of 'Coming Together' posted

Relief has been posted... the last chapter of Coming Together over in the spanderverse community.

Cordelia and Angel have to leave for L.A. thanks to a vision (and because he has his own series to deal with) but Cordy has a few parting words for Dawn, first.

Next story up is: Songs of Pain and Comfort in which Glory has had enough of the delays in finding her Key and steps up the action.