March 18th, 2008


ch 3 of 6 posted - Pathways

Go to spanderverse to read chapter 3 of the 6 chapter 'Pathways'.

Sunnydale Days

Lt. Stein (from BTVS: Season Two, for instance 'Ted' and 'Becoming, Part II) investigates the arson of a tenement (Spanderverse: Falling Apart) and suspects that Buffy is involved. But does that mean he should do anything about it?

Buffy hears of the train massacre and though everyone in the Summers' family and the Scooby gang is more worried about Glory, she goes to investigate.


Go to spanderverse....

Last chapter of Pathways is posted: Coming to Grips.

Spike has to reconcile his feelings for his Sire and his feelings for Buffy and the Scooby Gang. Where does he belong these days? What does he want?

Buffybot has left the mausoleum so that she won't interact with the "other Buffy", but where does she go now? Hey, what about the Magic Box?!

The Slayer has to deal with one vampire, before she can deal with another and her day just gets worse from there after she returns home.