March 6th, 2008


Wonder Twins on YouTube

Those of us of a certain age probably remember waking up early on Saturday mornings to watch cartoons with a bowl of cereal. One of my favorites were the Super Friends, even though now, of course, I can see just how surreally bad the episodes were.

Back then, it was all about the Legion of Doom... but before them there were the Wonder Twins who clumsily tried to tell us not to 'joy ride' or 'drag race' or who knows what all. Stupid cartoon teens were always interrupting Jana and Zan's camping trips or billiards games by getting into trouble. And despite the fact that Superman could have rescued the teens and been back to the Justice League practically before the call for help was finished, somehow the 'Teen Trouble Alert' was always routed to the twins, instead.

So, while tooling around YouTube quite a while ago, I came across this:

Wonder Twins vs. a Cave Bear

And I found it hilarious... if you're a Wonder Twins fan from days gone by, maybe you'll find it a laugh, too. And a bonus point for referencing 'Jaws' with the 'cemetary scene'.