February 16th, 2008


The Risks of Glory, chapter 7 of 8

After some major formatting nightmares, I've finally got chapter 7 of 8 posted in the spanderverse community.

Benes, the monk from Svatka, arrives in Sunnydale hot on the trail of the Dagon Sphere. Unfortunately, Glorificus is hot on the trail of him.

Buffy crashes in on Glory's interrogation of the monk and gets more than she bargained for. And, anyone who thought that Spike was going to disappear just doesn't know him at all.



The Risks of Glory, chapter 8 of 8

The last chapter of this story has been posted to spanderverse with Buffy finding out the secret about Dawn. Spike discovers that Joyce is sick and does his best to comfort a distraught Buffster and Joyce suffers another painful babble-session, upsetting Dawn.

The Reveal


Next story will be: Hunting Our Needs - Glory begins the hunt for her Key, Joyce has her surgery, Spike seeks to get Riley out of the picture for good, April is abandoned by and goes looking for Warren, and Buffy seeks some advice when Sobek, the crocodile god nearly defeats her...

Its a free-for-all Spanderverse version of several BTVS stories all rolled into one.

WaTchers Review #10

Dark Force Rising


Story by: CN Winters and Susan Carr
Written by: CN Winters and Susan Carr
Directed by: CN Winters and Susan Carr
Produced by: CN Winters and Susan Carr
Edited by: Kate
Sound Department: Steff
Art Director: Chris Cook
Artists: Chris Cook, CN Winters, Cynthia Taz, David Zahir, Chantal, Mytryk

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