February 13th, 2008


Hospital Visits, ch. 4 of 7

Chapter 4 is posted for Hospital Visits in the spanderverse community, as you probably guessed by the entry header.

Anywho, Deviousness involves the frantic race to find Riley Finn before he suffers a heart attack as his implants continue causing problems.

At the mausoleum, Spike is feeling sorry for himself and angry at Buffy's contempt for him. We also get a glimpse into the vampire's mind with another dream sequence. There are three major things going on in his subconscious that I designed the dream around, which I will leave to the reader.


Hospital Visits, ch. 5 of 7 post

Chapter 5 of Hospital Visits:


Buffy, desperate to save Riley, has asked Spike for help. Will he really help find Riley, when presented with a perfect opportunity to get the chipendectomy he wants so badly?

Anya is annoyed in the Magic Box.

Dawn is bored in school and daydreaming.

Buffy and Riley have a very long overdue talk about where their relationship is going.

Xander, Giles, Tara and Willow are all out searching for the missing ex-commando.

I felt compelled to give everyone a scene, no matter how short, in this chapter for some reason. The only one not accounted for is Joyce, but as we know, she's currently getting her brain scan.


Hospital Visits, last chapter


While things are looking better for Riley, the pressure on Buffy hasn't eased any as she finds out that Joyce's problems are not migraines.

(Buffy): "What do we do next?"

Next Up: The Risks of Glory

Glorificus has tracked the mysterious Key to Sunnydale, now what?
Joyce takes a turn for the worse.
Spike is definitely on the outs with the gang, now... how will this affect his relationship with Xander?
Is Spanderverse EVER going to end up with some Spander action??

All I can say is "patience, people, patience".