February 7th, 2008


Old Friends, Chapter 1 of 5 posted

Old Friends begins the morning after Chapter 6 of Tensions. Xander Harris stops by the graveyard on his way to the work site to think aloud about this attraction to Spike.



So, today we've gotten about 4 inches of snow out front at the house... could have been worse, but still not looking forward to the blowing and the shoveling later this morning. At least we weren't farther north, where they got up to a foot of the stuff. I wouldn't mind so much if it was a 'stay at home' day....

And, insomnia SUCKS ass.

Old Friends, Chapter 5 of 5 posted

After the battle with Adam and Buffy's injuries the last thing she needed was another fight with Riley, but that's what she gets.

Spike gets his butt kicked when he can't keep his mouth shut.

Riley has a meltdown and goes out of control, thanks to his Initiative modifications and the weird stuff happening to his body. And Buffy realizes he needs more help than she can give him.

Blow Out

And with that, folks, I have to get out there and snow-blow before I have to leave for work. Have a good one... the next story in Spanderverse will be Hospital Visits.