February 1st, 2008


Spanderverse chapter posted

Chapter 5 of 8 has been posted for Preludes in the spanderverse community. But before we get to that, I feel the need to bitch about the weather....

It's freakin' snowing... again!

Okay, so that's pretty normal this time of year... I mean it is Feb. in Michigan, but damn it, I'm tired of the whole winter thing. Look, I like snow, okay? I just like it between Dec 24th and Jan. 1st.

After that, I'm just done with it. And, now I have to go out and blow (and not the good kind, but the bad clearing-the-snow-kind). Hey, it's my blog and I can whine if I want to.

-- ahem --

So, anyway... chapter 5:

The Wait Begins

Dawn and Buffy wait for news about Joyce's condition in the hospital. Riley is feeling neglected (which is sort of selfish, really, considering what's going on) and watching out for Dawn.

Over in the Czech Republic, the monks watching over the Key are in a panic. Something is attacking their order... something very powerful.

Okay, it's Glory... a.k.a. "THE BEAST".


Preludes, chapter 6 of 8

I'm back from snow-blowing and a bit of shoveling. It wasn't as bad out there as I had feared. However, my bitch at the snow remains valid... we don't need it after X-Mas.

Posted now is chapter 6 of Preludes in spanderverse.

The Walk

This chapter is concerned with our main plot of Joyce's hospitalization: Buffy talks to the doctor and realizes that something has been wrong with her mother for quite a while at this point.

Subplot re: Glorificus: She attacks the Order of Svratka and the monks there fight valiantly.

Subplot re: the Magic Box: Giles amusingly drives Xander crazy with the hen-pecking as the shop is due to open tomorrow.

I likes me subplots... they help fill out things nicely and lead into other stories. That's why Buffy and Angel are so great (well, part of the reason... the writing and characters had a lot to do with it, too, of course).

Anyway... stop reading my blathering and click the chapter link!


Spanderverse chapter posted - 7 of 8

Preludes chapter 7 has been posted in spanderverse.

Fight and Flight

This is a flashback chapter recalling Spanderverse: Dracula and showing us the creation of Dawn from the mysterious Key. The Order of Svratka falls to Glorificus, but two monks survive the carnage.


Note - I got a little carried away with the subtitles... sorry. It's only for this chapter.

Preludes finished

The final chapter of Preludes has been posted to spanderverse. But nothing is resolved for our heroes. Joyce receives some worrying suspicions from the Dr. Wains. Our monk refugees have made it to Italy during their flight after the flashback last chapter and Giles has opened the Magic Box, although there doesn't seem much traffic, yet. Well, its an official opening, so maybe that's why. Buffy gets a pleasant surprise, though, which was thoughtful.



Recommendation - Spander

For our Spike/Xander slash fans, I wanted to pass along this recommendation in case, somehow, this writer has escaped your attention. I absolutely LOVE 'wordsmith slash'. Especially these two stories, which, like Spanderverse takes place during S5. Instead of writing from the beginning of the season, these specifically focus on the aftermath of Buffy's sacrifice in "The Gift" and the gang trying to pull themselves together.

I often return and re-read Reconstruction and Restoration when I can't find anything else new to read because it is that good. Thoughtful, in character, heartbreaking and sweet. And there's lots of heat between Xan and Spike, of course.