January 18th, 2008


Spanderverse chapter posted

Confusion of Three, Chapter 5 of 17 posted in spanderverse community.

An Interlude with Spike

While Buffy and the Scooby gang research what attacked Giles at the shop, Spike drops in on Joyce to recruit her in furthering his goal of stealing Buffy away from Riley.

Joyce is, uh, less than receptive to this idea.


PS: Insomnia really sucks... I'm just saying.

WaTchers Review #3

In my continual quest to seduce people into enjoying WaTchers: The Virtual Series, I present this mini-review of the third episode, first season: Foreign Presence

Story by: David Zahir, CN Winters and Susan Carr
Written by: Steff with additional material from David Zahir

Directed by: CN Winters and Susan Carr

Produced by: CN Winters and Susan Carr

Edited by: Kate

Sound Department: Steff

Art Director: Chris Cook

Artists: Chris Cook,
David Zahir, Coen, Tori, Cynthia Taz, CN Winters
Special Guest Stars: James Spader as Mr. DeVeer and Edward Woodward as James Tyrell

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