January 1st, 2008


Spanderverse entries

I've posted two chapters of Spanderverse: Dracula in the spanderverse community.

Chapter 8 - Xander's Switch

The gang rush to Giles' for an emergency Scooby meeting. Dracula confronts and subverts Xan's loyalties.

Chapter 9 - Lust at First Bite

While Riley is bribing and threatening Spike for his help, Buffy is being seduced by the master vampire.

In personal news: it's frickin' freezing!! We've been hit with the major snow storm that has already swept the rest of the Midwest, but the Island remains in a center of calm. While the areas around us have gotten 6-10 inches, we've skated by with 2... maybe. It's still snowing now, but its light, small flakes, so it appears we've missed the major nasty. Thankfully I don't work today!

Happy New Year... may 2008 bring more peace and economic prosperity to the world than 2007 ended up giving us.


Shout Out: WaTchers

I want to include a shout out to a Virtual Series that I follow loyally: WATCHERS: THE VIRTUAL SERIES.

CN Winters, Susan Carr, et al. do a fantastic job of producing a 'series-like' after-Buffy spin-off. Seriously... it has the stories, the character development and subplots, the artwork and even sound snippets. It's a great read that plays like a spin-off and not just BTVS: Season 8 (which Joss is doing anyway in the comic books... check them out).

The thing you'll notice at the start of Season 1 of Watchers is that Buffy, Dawn and Xander are nowhere to be found, but the rest of the BTVS: Season 7 cast are there.

Faith, Willow, Giles, Robin, Kennedy (who has become a favorite character of mine in this series... they have done a fantastic job with her!), Vi, Andrew and Rona are all present (though sadly, some of our characters end up dead in the course of the series).

WaTchers is currently in their last season (season 5) and I urge everyone to give them a real chance and head over to www.thewatcherscouncil.net

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