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Why Angel/Buffy need to be at the same Comics Company

"Setting aside the fact that S8 isn't over, and we could yet get such an explanation, I think this illustrates exactly why Angel as Twilight was a bad storytelling decision. Much like Willow's appearance in Angel S4 and Angel's appearance in Buffy S7, there really isn't space to fill in everything that's been happening to the character in the other series. But that doesn't negate the fact that these characters do have entire lives going on elsewhere, and those things affect them. A good writer doesn't just ignore character development because it doesn't fit into the story he wants to tell."

--- Eowyn315

Partially This. This is why I am struggling with the Angel as Twilight storyline. Not because of Angel's not discussing everything happening in his life over in his title, but because it throws both titles out of whack as each creative team pursues their own ideas with nothing having relevance to the shared Buffyverse between them. Buffy S8 is really the guilty party here, though.

In Angel's title, only those who went to Hell in "After the Fall" are aware of those events, so it makes sense that Buffy wouldn't know anything about that - and there is no reason for Angel to specifically mention the entire affair in her own title. They also went out of their way to acknowledged the development in BTVS about vampires going public in the IDW title. Angel's being a celebrity in L.A. could also escape her notice because of everything going on in her own story and that is fine... Angel wouldn't necessarily mention that either, especially since he doesn't want the fame as it cramps what he is trying to do.

But Buffy crosses a line (despite my complaint about IDW's attitude problem in a post I cannot find now) by appropriating a character from another company's line up when both titles are supposed to be in the same 'verse and then changing that character fundamentally. I'm not just talking about Angel's weirdo behavior, but more because Joss has him running around with powers he never displays in his own title with no explanation as to why, doing big things that he somehow never even has stray thoughts about in his own title and having an entirely different viewpoint on the world than he is currently displaying in L.A.

Joss, despite being the creator, really had no right to drag Angel into this storyline if he was going to do something character changing and put IDW in the bad position of either ignoring Dark Horse's story developments, or to allow them to dictate Angel's changes, even though they didn't have the license to the character.

Giving Angel super-powers in Buffy's story was wrong, straight up. Making Angel want to destroy/re-create the universe over in Buffy S8 was equally wrong because this just isn't compatible with Angel's actions in his own title. Having Angel do more than show up in a single story arc with no lasting consequence, when he had to also follow his own storyline in another company's title was wrong.

Joss was wrong to do this to IDW without making sure that the creative teams at both companies understood what they were getting into with keeping things consistent across titles and working out these sorts of far-reaching developments far in advance so that IDW wasn't caught off guard with these fundamental changes to Angel's motivations, abilities and attitudes. And practically speaking, there was just no way to make this work over the long term without basically having Angel doing his thing and Buffy doing her thing and neither title doing anything that could fundamentally change characters in the other's book. It isn't fair to either title to expect simultaneous, but incongruous developments to happen to characters in one company's title that would totally change another company's interpretation of that character. I don't care if Joss is the creator.

And that is why I really have to give my sympathy (reluctantly) to IDW (if not their creative team's ego) in this case. They really kind of got screwed here by BTVS S8 over at Dark Horse appropriating Angel for such a major rol
e without any consideration at all to how this might impact their own plans for the Angel title, that THEY had the license to develop.
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