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Buffy Questions and Answers

I just put 'em below the cut, since I'm sure that I'll ramble... these are part of the "Sunday Question" series at friended "Buffyquestions"

Do you think the fact that Buffy, Angel and Firefly were all on during 2002 had any consequences on the writing/success of these shows?

Absolutely. As we know, Joss made a habit of going through each script (at least of Buffy) and punching up dialog, or reworking scenes or adding or subtracting from what was in the original script. You really got a feel for his 'voice' throughout the first 5 seasons of Buffy. And, more importantly, you really missed it in S6... as to S7, I don't know what happened there, except I think everyone - including Joss - was burned out on Buffy.

As to Angel - I think it remained remarkably consistent in quality from S2-S4, stumbled a bit in S5, but recovered half way through. I don't know how much Joss had to do with that series, but it was so different in tone and outlook from its predecessor that I don't think it was as important for him to be involved.

I can't speak to Firefly, as I just never got into it.

What are your thoughts on the Watcher's council? (E.g. pointless? necessary? good? evil? somewhere in between?)

I'm sure that the Council was a fine organization once upon a time. Over the centuries though, they became wrapped up in their own importance and it became more about the reputation and bureaucracy, instead of the continuing war with evil. I think they existed long after they stopped being effective due to their own short-sighted egotism.

Favourite main character; Buffy, Angel, Mal or Echo? And why?

Buffy. I like her idealism (even when she thinks she doesn't have any) and her bravery, her strength, her forthrightness. I like that she doesn't quit, even when she's been beaten into the ground (either actually, or more often, figuratively). I like that she isn't perfect, but she's always willing to listen to her friends when she might be wrong. And I like how she faces the big, important issues like life and death and sending her boyfriend to Hell or leaping to her own death because that it what the world (and her Calling) need of her - even if she hates every second of the decision.

Best surprise/shock/twist on in the [Buffyverse]...?

Xander and Spike are lovers!  Oh, wait, that's only happening in my head....

I think I'm going to answer each of these in turn actually, because they're slightly different - Best Surprise: Dawn's sudden appearance as the sister from out of nowhere and how everyone was acting like this wasn't a new character before the audience was let in on why.

Shock: The moment of Jenny Calendar's murder... I was so sure that she was going to be saved.

Twist: I'm going to go with "Cordelia was working against Angel since her reappearance from Ascending".

Buffy's decision to kill Anya and Xander's anger at Buffy in Selfless. Justified or not?

Buffy's decision to kill Anyanka was entirely justified. Anya had her chance and she chose to react to her pain and anger by re-embracing her life as a killer (though obviously not without reticence and guilt).

Xander's anger was also entirely justified. He wasn't lying when he threw Buffy's unwillingness to even consider Dark Willow's slaying when she was out trying to murder Jon and Andrew. And, he was justified in pointing out to Buffy that she makes a habit of excusing her friends when they do things that she wouldn't tolerate from anyone else as the Slayer, when he told her that they'd seen it before with Angel (before he tried to suck the world into Hell) when she wouldn't kill Angelus. With her never really being close to Anya, it was naturally a lot easier for her to make the decision to kill Anya (plus her maturity - she'd come a long way since the love sick teen she'd been).

I'm not saying that he was right to compare the situations... after all Buffy couldn't kill Angelus until she did because she was, emotionally, in over her head with Angel. It wasn't her fault that she just wasn't ready to take that step. And the Willow/Anya situations aren't really comparable - Willow was still a human being, while Anyanka was a demon doing demon-things. But, considering Xander's emotional entanglement with Anya, he was fully justified in his viewpoint that they needed to help her not kill her, just as she was justified in pointing out that Anya chose twice to give up her humanity.

Best fight scene?

This is a pretty tough one, because there are so many great fight scenes. I could list a bunch of shout outs, but for best - I'm going to highlight Faith's battle (which she would have lost) with The Beast. She really took an intense beating and it hurt me as a viewer to see her having so little effect. But, the fight/stunt work was really well done... Angel the Series definitely bettered BTVS when it came to the fight choreography.

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