harsens_rob (harsens_rob) wrote,

You may call her, "Ms. Chase" or "Queen C".

I wanted to post this wonderful, detailed, wordy but interesting essay on the indomitable Ms. Cordelia Chase. Obviously, eleusis_walks, is quite the fan of our resident 'rich bitch/popular girl/cheerleader/poor little ex-rich girl/Scooby orbiter/actor/detective office administrator/evil fighter/seer/guardian ghost'.

Click the link when you've got the time to spend on a commentary designed to point out just how fabulous our Ms. Chase was in the flesh and is in the spirit (Although, the essay doesn't get into Angel: After the Fall, just trust me. She remains very much as she was in life when it comes to helping Angel stand.)

  Credit to Pomegranate Seeds.

Tags: ats, btvs, recommendation

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