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We had to come to it ... the 'Passion' poll.

I won't lie ... I sort of dreaded the Passion poll, just because I dread that episode. Don't get me wrong, I love it, but I find this episode the hardest one to re-watch in S2. Jenny's death was just a gut-punch and she qualifies as my "One You Would Have Saved".

Of course, as we all know, this will not be the last time that we have the wind knocked out of us during a BTVS episode, but this is the first one - the one that told us that when the production team puts a secondary character in danger, they really are in danger. And, when you include Angel the Series as well, we've lost a lot of characters over the years.

And it all started with "Oh, my God, Jenny!"

Buffy considers telling her mom the truth at this point to keep her safe from Angelus. Giles tells her not to. Putting Giles' advice to the side, would telling Joyce have been a good idea?

Yes. Giles was wrong - as soon as Angelus' interest in taunting Buffy specifically became known, Joyce had every right in the world to expect to be warned of the danger. And not Buffy's rather wimpy "Just don't let him in" warning - but a real warning. She deserved to be sat down and told the whole story - with as much evidence as possible so she wouldn't just think Buffy was nutso-cuckoo.

We finally get Joyce being brought 'into the fold' in Becoming, but it should have happened right here.

Continuing on that thought, Angelus confronts and harasses Joyce in the episode. Joyce also finds out that Angel and Buffy had had sex. With the understanding that Joyce thought Angel is entirely human, should she have been calling the police?

I went with asking Buffy what she wanted to do. This was a really difficult situation being dropped on her and I don't really consider any of the choices wrong (look into a restraining order, get police involved on statutory rape charge, not getting police involved). I think the first thing that had to happen was sitting with Buffy to decide what she wanted to do.

However, she also needed to be firm that if 'Angel' didn't stop coming around, then there would be no choice but to go to the police (except before that happened, Buffy and Giles would have made the true situation known to her, as explained above).

Cordelia's concerned that Angelus may be able to enter her car uninvited. Buffy later mentions that they did the uninviting spell on Cordy's car. Would this keep a vampire out?  

I don't recall any actual rules being mentioned in any series when it comes to cars, and Cordy's whole scene was more of a joke than an actually serious thing... she even mentions that she forced her grandmother to trade cars with her!

But, if there isn't something in canon that I forgot, my assumption is that cars are not immune to vampire entry. However, since the dis-invite ritual was performed on Cordelia's car anyway, I'd say it would have the same affect as if it had been cast within a home. Angelus is locked out of Cordy's car, unless invited in.

By the way, that leads me to an interesting 'what if':

Could you lock a vampire out of a public space by using the ritual? If Jenny has cast the dis-invite in her classroom, would it have locked Angelus out? What about if she'd cast it in the hallway... would be be locked out of the whole school... or just the hallway? Could you lock vampires out of the whole campus, or is that just too open a public space for the ritual to work? Would the standing "Enter Ye Who Seek Knowledge" on the front of the school negate any attempts to lock the vampires out via the ritual, even if it technically worked in the split second the casting was completed?

Things to make you say, "hmmmm".

In this episode, Angelus stalks Buffy, kills Willow's fish, harasses Buffy's mom, and then kills Jenny to keep her from showing the ensoulment spell from the others. Is Angelus threatening yet?

I'm not really sure - I'll let you know once I crawl out from the corner behind the sofa where I'm curled into the fetal position....

Pretend you're a movie reviewer and give this episode a star rating.

As per usual, I won't know definitely until I do the actual review... some day... but I would definitely say this is over 4, but less than a perfect score. I'll say 4 in the poll.

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