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Hospital Visits, ch. 5 of 7 post

Chapter 5 of Hospital Visits:


Buffy, desperate to save Riley, has asked Spike for help. Will he really help find Riley, when presented with a perfect opportunity to get the chipendectomy he wants so badly?

Anya is annoyed in the Magic Box.

Dawn is bored in school and daydreaming.

Buffy and Riley have a very long overdue talk about where their relationship is going.

Xander, Giles, Tara and Willow are all out searching for the missing ex-commando.

I felt compelled to give everyone a scene, no matter how short, in this chapter for some reason. The only one not accounted for is Joyce, but as we know, she's currently getting her brain scan.

Tags: btvs, hospital visits, spanderverse

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