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The Buffy Episode Poll : B,B & B

And yes, it did take me entirely too long to get around to this. There are a few reasons for this 1) work has been a bear mauling me this week, 2) insomnia has taken a toll (I needed to get my prescription filled), 3) I've been exhausted (see 2) and 4) I just couldn't do anything that required considered thought, so I've been just surfing/reading/sitting with glazed-over look on my face.

Since I feel a bit better this evening, and since work stuff is being manageable instead of trying to drive me to tear all my hair out, I believe I'm ready to add my usual 10 cents (where 2 would do) to this week's poll.

This episode has a love spell in it. Xander intends to cast it on Cordelia, but it instead is cast on every girl except Cordy. Does this spell only affect females or would a gay male be likewise affected?  

I went with the 'Gay males are affected' by the spell, because I swear in the background as Xan does the walk, there is a guy who is looking him over and smirking. While the other guys are glaring at Xan's sudden popularity, this kid is giving him an "oh, yeah...." look.

Buffy is turned into a rat in this episode. In The Initiative, we learn from Willow that Buffy likes cheese. Is there a connection?  

I have to think that Buffy liked cheese before the transformation. Let's face it - how could you have anything to do with Mexican food if you don't like cheese? I'm sure there has been 'taco' comments somewhere in the show... or am I imagining that because I'm hungry?

Well, regardless, in my mind Buffy likes cheese... she may even love it.

In this episode, an angry Xander blackmails Amy to do a love spell on Cordelia so that he can reject her out of revenge. When Cordelia learns that he tried to cast a spell on her (though she doesn't know why), this convinces her to get back together with him. Thoughts?  

Well, I know the ptb were going for awww, how cute, but I always found it to be more awww... isn't that a bit demeaning, Cordy - I mean at least throw a fit that he'd be casting spell on you AT ALL for ANY reason.

In this episode, Angelus attemps to kidnap Buffy, but ends up grabbing Xander instead. His plan is ultimately foiled by a lovestruck Drusilla. Is Angelus threatening yet?

I had to go with "eh, could be more threatening"... I mean I can imagine the horror of Xan being killed by "Angel" and the emotional torture Buffy would have gone through. But, the whole tone of the episode was, "this is just for a laugh" ... so it seriously undercut Angelus' attempt to seem threatening or that Xander might be in any actual danger.

Plus, this was before Jenny, when we thought that our immediate circle around the Scoobies were safe, let alone the Scooby Gang itself. The next episode changes that up - and after Xander's eye, I don't have that sort of trust in S8 that they won't be at least really hurt... but this far back? Just not a serious threat.

Did you notice that I messed up the episode numbers on the poll last week?

Uh, y-yeah... sure... I-I mean, Yes and I was appalled! Appalled, I tell you!

Okay, w-well, I didn't notice in the way where I had a clue... but I knew there was something I was supposed to be appalled by somewhere...!

Did you notice that I messed up the episode number this week?

No, okay? You happy? *Yeesh* ... why can't you just cover up your mistakes like other people?  *wink*

Pretend you're a movie reviewer and give this episode a star rating.

On the poll, I gave this one a 4-star 'cause I do find it to be pretty amusing. I think though that if I ever get around to reviewing this far - it'll probably be more like 3.75 | by the way, and I know my danger in doing this, but my plan is to review "The Puppet Show" this weekend and the next episode of WATCHERS.

And, if we want to believe in my crazy plans, despite the fact I'm almost certainly lying to myself, perhaps the next issue of Angel: Aftermath... or the Buffy episode "Nightmares" ... I'm never going to get through the series if I don't start putting in some serious weekend time on reviewing the Buffy episodes!

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