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New Meme - The Alphabet Meme.

I have no idea where these things are born, or why they proliferate so readily on LJ, but I find them irresistible for reasons unknown.

I've snagged me an "Alphabet Meme"....

* A - ACCENT: American (Made in Michigan)

* B - BOOBS: Uh... well... I have pecs and nipples - I don't think I want to call 'em 'boobs', though.

* C - CHORE YOU HATE: housework of any kind, but I hate living in a sty more... and also working on the yard - I'm lazy, so what?

* D - DAD'S NAME: Kenneth, but it's always just Ken.

* E - ESSENTIAL MAKE-UP ITEMS: Hmm... how about Carmex, does that count? It's great as a lipbalm or to stop a cold sore.

* F - FAVOURITE PERFUME: Can I say cologne, instead? Thanks! I'm going with Avon's "Black Suede" right now - but the significant one wears this blue stuff ... it may be called "Blue" - I'm not sure.

* G - GOLD OR SILVER: Jewelry just doesn't work for me. I don't even wear a watch.

* H - HOMETOWN: Ferndale, MI - though every time I'm there it has changed so much since the last that I barely recognize it. Stupid marching forward of time....

* I - INSOMNIA: Constant. Thank the gods of chemistry for Zolpidem Tartrate.

* J - JOB TITLE: Officially, it's "Network Technician" but in actuality it is more like "Systems Monitoring/Operations". Does it really matter if it isn't "Independently Wealthy Man About Town"?  Yeah, I thought not.

* K - KIDS: I have an adult "sort of like a step-daughter, but not in any legal sense". No kids of my own - never wanted 'em, never gonna have 'em (unless God plays a cruel joke on I and the Fundamentalists by making me or the significant other the world's first naturally occurring pregnant man... and I'd have to assume it was a sign of the Apocalypse if that happened.

* L - LIVING ARRANGEMENTS: I own a house I wish now that I didn't. The thing about all of those realtor / American dream commercials? They fail to point out how everything will immediately start to break down, and you'll have no money to fix any of it.

* M - MOM'S NAME: Karen

* N - NUMBER OF TIMES YOU WANT TO SLAP SOME SENSE INTO SOMEONE: Oh... at least every time I make the mistake of checking in with Memeorandum... so let's say ... every two to three days.

* O - OVERNIGHT HOSPITAL STAYS: I don't think I've ever stayed overnight. The closest I came was when I was suffering extreme dehydration - stomach flu... it was icky. I stayed several hours for an IV and then argued with the attendants until they brought me the form to leave 'against doctor recommendation' to keep me from walking out without covering their butts legally.

* P - PHOBIA: Older I get, the more I seem to develop... Right now: Bees, Tight places (but elevators or closets or anything - it has to be low ceiling places - I need head room), break in by stranger (see my latest post/first poll), water pulling at my body (like rivers or ocean currents - I'm deathly afraid of being pulled under and drowned)... I think that's it.

* Q - QUEST: To never again be in a position of having to choose between the gas bill or groceries. I fear poverty - I'd call that a reasonable fear though, rather than a phobia.

* R - RELIGIOUS AFFILIATION: Agnostic, but I believe in some sort of higher purpose for us.

* S - SIBLINGS: 1 brother who I can't be in the same room with for more than a few hours before we get on one another's nerves.

* T - TIME YOU WAKE UP: Varies - if I've taken a wonder-pill, about 6 hours later; sometimes with an additional two hours if I don't get up immediately. Without - an hour ... or less... or a four to five hours, but I'm waking up every 50 minutes to an hour, so I feel like I've gotten even less. But one cannot take a pill to sleep ALL THE TIME, or they'll stop being effective.

* U - UNNATURAL HAIR COLOURS YOU'VE WORN: I once tried to dye my hair red to go as a Leprechaun to a Halloween party. I ended up with sickly red highlights you could barely notice.

* V - VEGETABLE YOU REFUSE TO EAT: This list would be far too long - I'm more carnivore. The big ones are mushrooms (I loathe the texture of them) and both green and black olives. Oh, and peas - they make me gag.

* W - WORST HABIT: General laziness and a refusal to deal today with what I can put off until tomorrow.

* X - X-RAYS YOU'VE HAD: Teeth, sinus cavity, chest, hip/pelvis, ankles, shoulder blades/back.

* Y - YUMMY FOODS YOU MAKE: Last night's dinner was homemade pizza with Boboli Crust, canned sauce, Quesadilla Shredded Cheese, grounded Italian sausage and onion skilleted, fresh baby lettuce green mix and topped with Shredded Cheddar.

* Z - ZANY QUIRK: An addiction to memes - especially if they involve the Buffyverse.
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