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Ex-Employers in the News

This used to be my employer. The only reason I'm posting this at all is to tell you about the best perk I ever had from an employer ... not including medical and vacation, those are benefits, which is more important than perks.

So, anyway, Pulte used to have two FREE REFRIGERATORS FULL OF FOOD that you could raid at anytime you wanted. Not only that, but the freezer had frozen mini-pizzas at all times, cabinets were full of chips and pretzels and Cheez-Its. We had three or four different types of bread, lunch meats, pop, juice, yogurt....

I mean, they actually had Kroger delivering food every week! It was awesome.

I'd never worked for a company before or since that made sure their employees stuffed themselves to the gills everyday. Man, I miss that perk.
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