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BTVS Poll : Oz is a werewolf?! For reals?!

Hey, everyone! I was supposed to do a WATCHERS review this evening, but work is giving me plenty to do, so I can't get wrapped up in anything that will take an extended period of time to complete... but this poll is interesting timing. My next WATCHERS review is for a "Part II" sort of episode that focuses on ... OZ! 

And his wife, but who cares. OZ! OZ Mc'Ozman!

So I have a thing for Seth as Oz - so what - go on with the poll:

1. Oz got bit by his cousin, Jordy, who's a werewolf and who is also just getting his grown up teeth in. So Jordy is a baby werewolf. Is lycanthropy (werewolfedness) genetic?

Hmmm... good question!

There are a few things that one may conjecture since we don't get any information at all on Jordy's condition:

a) Either or both of Jordy's parents are werewolves.  This seems unlikely or Oz would surely have mentioned it, unless it is a family secret. Okay, not so unlikely - now that I thought for a second. This leads to sub-explanations: Either Jordy's dad is the wolf and bit him, or his mother is and could have either bit him, or infected him in utero. However, since Oz has a wife who he has shared bodily fluids with and produced a son who isn't wolfing-out, I would say that if this can occur, it must be rare. We can't say definitively that it can't happen, though, and maybe Jordy was just unlucky.

b) Jordy was attacked by a rather cowardly werewolf, but didn't end up kibble.

c) Jordy was "attacked" by an overly affectionate werewolf. As anyone who gives 'kissies' to a puppy can tell you, you're going to eventually get a tongue full of saliva in the mouth.

d) Jordy had to have a transfusion, and his supply was infected.

2. The Scoobies - or at least Xander - seem to think that a werewolf's wolfiness will manifest while they're human. That is, that a werewolf will be aggressive and predatory. True or no?

I don't think this is so. Xander made a reasonable, but mistaken, assumption. While Veruca was aggressive, that seemed more because she chose to allow her wolfy-instincts to drive her human life. In fact, according to her, she was always the wolf and her human skin was simply a disguise.

But Oz is the exact opposite of aggressive and he remains that way long after the werewolf infection should have begun to dominate his personality if that was a side effect. This is so right up into S8, even though he, his wife and his young son are all endangered.

Over on Angel the Series, we've also met Nina the werewolf - also not an aggressive woman. In fact, in her S6 appearance, she seems downright demure when not in HellAngeles.

So, I would have to say that the wolfiness doesn't transfer between states, though it also appears that one can get into the habit of summoning and inhabiting the emotional states of the wolf, if one really tries... or Veruca was just one unusual woman....

3. In this episode, Angelus kills and turns one of Buffy's classmates. Is Angelus threatening yet?

Yes, I'd say. But, more because of the fact that he specifically left Theresa with instructions to mention his name when she met Buffy... or at least, that what it appears to me as.

4. Pretend you're a movie reviewer and give this episode a star rating.

I like this one, but I wouldn't call it one of my favorites. I remember it as a 3.5-er or so....

Now, you go take the "Buffyholism" poll, too!
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