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You know, sometimes my friends-pages really let me down. Now, I'm not saying it's you guys' fault * because I am perfectly able to Google or Bing or whatever. I could have easily found this on my own, probably, but I'm so busy **.

Thankfully, somebody over at whedonesque posted this linkage to Quad Blogs, or I'm sure that I would have missed it and that would have been a shame. In order to spare my friended friends from this same disappointment *** I present these links to articles you should check out immediately. If only someone had done this for me, so that these wouldn't be several days out of date ****.

* Actually, aren't I saying that? How passive-aggressive. You should think I'm a jerk. But, you won't, because you're too kind... too soft... too.... Well, you got the idea.

** I'm not actually THAT busy. I exaggerate.

*** See how I made myself important there. Now, you should be thinking I'm a smug, self-involved, exaggerating jerk. But you won't....

**** So, it's a few days old - big frickkin' deal. Now, I'm also a drama queen in addition to being a smug, self-involved, exaggerating jerk.

 -- And, also, this was all tongue-firmly-planted-in-cheek, in case that didn't come across --

http://blogs.wcuquad.com/2010/07/22/life-after-jacobs-foot-the-week-of-whedon-begins/: Lots of discussion about how the author came into the Buffyverse (I always enjoy people's 'how I discovered Buffy' tales - especially when they started out like me, i.e. not giving the show a chance and then being taken completely by surprise with just how quickly I became a Buffy-fan). He also discusses his problems, a little, with S6 & S7 of BTVS (I think he is too harsh), but remained an Angel fan.

http://blogs.wcuquad.com/2010/07/26/the-foot-the-top-eight-episodes-directed-by-joss-whedon/: Joss as directed is explored with 7 of the eight "top" episodes being Buffy. The other goes to Firefly, but the author does acknowledge that Angel's "Waiting in the Wings" gets an honorable mention. Trying to pick "best" or "top" is tough, because really we all have our own subjective views for that sort of thing - but I'll say I loved all of the 7 episodes featured in the countdown.

http://blogs.wcuquad.com/2010/07/23/life-after-jacobs-foot-the-absolute-best-of-firefly/: I can't comment on any of the author's choices, because I never was able to get into the show.

http://blogs.wcuquad.com/2010/07/27/the-foot-best-of-angel/: Again, I won't comment on someone's best of listings, because it is too subjective. Let me say though that in the preamble to the list, it is mentioned that the author found S3 & S4 of Angel far stronger and better written than S6 & S7 of BTVS. I'd agree with this. Despite my loving Buffy more than her mostly off, but never gotten over boyfriend's spin-off, seasons 3 & 4 of Angel are mostly very good and tense television for the drama-lover. And it didn't get bogged down in characters having the wrong motivations for their histories (Willow) or going off track following unimportant characters that took valuable time away from the main players (most of S7). The only thing I'll out and out disagree on is that "You're Welcome" is placed as Number 1 and described as "moving" ... I disagree. I just wasn't emotionally affected very much by Cordy's death and exit from the 'verse (until After the Fall).

http://blogs.wcuquad.com/2010/07/28/the-foot-the-writers/: The article focuses on, strangely enough, the writers. We're given best of lists for the various writer's best episodes. I've discussed this already HERE.

http://blogs.wcuquad.com/2010/07/29/the-foot-the-top-19-buffy-episodes/: He has some interesting choices which I don't think feature heavily in others' favorite lists that I've seen. I'd have to disagree on those episodes though, some of them strongly disagree.

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