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Buffy Episode Poll!

This week's poll over at "My Buffyholism...." is for the, well - not very fine - episode, BAD EGGS. Yeah: bad, rotten eggs... but anyway, on with the poll --

The Gorch brothers. Fun or no?

Well, they sure did try to make 'em fun, didn't they? But, no. They're back story is brutal and dark, so why the writer's would give them this sort of build up and then use them as redneck-Komedy-relief beggars the mind. Or buggers it. Can you buggar a mind? Stormwreath?

Anyway, they weren't fun - just lame.

What's the moral of the episode? Select all that apply.

Definitely, the moral is Sex Has Consequences. Which, we will see in the next two episodes and throughout the season, of course. I tingle as much as Snyder kicking Buffy out of school at the thought of the next poll - make it a good one!

But back to the point: Sex = Consequences. I guess this would be especially true when you have sex with vampires.

Pretend you're a movie reviewer and give this episode a star rating.

This episode is definitely below average. The only scene that really takes me aback in the whole thing, is when Giles throws the parasite on Joyce's back - the was chill-inducing. And, while I've bought the whole Sunnydale Convenient Amnesia and Excuse Accepting by now, because you can't really survive the show, if you don't go along with it - I do have to wonder how Buffy explained those ruined clothes and the black viscera all in her hair and on her face.

My bias against this episode is showing. --     gabrielleabelle    Honey, it isn't just you -- Me.
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