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Buffy, and Plans and Movie Reviews, OH MY!

So this next week, I'm off from work on a desperately needed vay-kay which really could not come soon enough. So with all of those vast acres of time to work, I have big plans. I know, I know - I don't do plans so well. I hear ya - you doubt me - with good reason. I'm contrite.

But this time I'm feeling much more motivated. The initial blues of Tom's being away from months, the worry that he won't come back, blah-blah - it's passed and I'm looking to throw myself into some "work", which is different from work.

I'm about halfway through our next Movie Review: Day of the Dead ('85).

I also want to get the next WATCHERS review out this coming week, and Angel #17.

I 'feel' like I'm actually ready to start typing Ch1 of the next Spanderverse story, where our reduced-numbers gang has to deal with Razor and his demon cohorts.

Finally - I want to get all 4 of the remaining Buffy S1 episodes out (yeah, we might be overshooting on that one). And, upcoming will be my first Buffy Poll/Meme thingy -- won't that be exciting!? Aren't you just making an "oooo" sound?

Of course, I'm second guessing that one. If I post a poll and have no respondents I'll just feel embarrassed and humiliated and lower than a tick in the grass. We'll see if I got the guts, but I'm composing a list of questions to ask, so even if I don't go the poll route, you'll at least be able to read all about my opinions -- and really, what more could one ask?
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