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Questiony Meme

I'm snagging this - I'm not sure what to call it - Personal Insights Meme? - from eowyn_315, who snagged it from somebody else, which you can discover on your own by following links, because that is really what the internet is all about (that, and porn).

But, let's get to me, me, me.

First thing you wash in the shower?    

My hair, also. I have to start at the top and work my way down, except for when I don't quite - but it always starts at the hair.

What color is your favorite hoodie?  

All of the hoodies in the house are the same basic gray - so - 'basic gray'.

Would you kiss the last person you kissed again?

If only he'd come home... *sigh*

Do you plan outfits?

Seriously not at all. I open the closet door and just grab stuff and hope it color coordinates... mostly....

How are you feeling RIGHT now?  

A lot like life is being that kid in grade school who sat at the desk behind yours and deliberately poked you in the back repeatedly with his pencil every time the teacher turned toward the blackboard. It's not so much that life is beating my ass, it's just that it's being irritating and pointlessly stupid and mean.

What's the closest thing to you that's red?  

I have an email on screen who's "From" identifier is in a red bar... well... that was a crappy answer.

Tell me about the last dream you remember having?  

I don't recall the details. There was a guy and I kissed him, just 'cause, which he didn't seem to mind. But, for some reason I woke up disturbed. I think it might have been a "serial killer or zombies are chasing us" sort of dream, but I'm not positive.

Did you meet anybody new today?

I did not.

What are you craving right now?  

A windfall. I know it's crass, but the house could really use some work and there just isn't anything available in the bank account.

Do you floss?

I don't. But I should. Floss, kids - don't be like me.

What comes to mind when I say cabbage?

Gas. Which is embarrassing, but I assumed you meant the very first thing to pop in my head.

Are you emotional?  

Not according to my long-term, but missing in TN partner. I, however, would beg to differ. I'm just the "hold it all in and then cry about it in secret" sort.

Have you ever counted to 1,000?

I have not. I have, however, tried to count from a 1,000 down to zero when lying restlessly in bed. I haven't been able to stay that invested, however.

Do you bite into your ice cream or just lick it?

It depends on whether it is regular ice cream or soft serve ice cream.

Do you like your hair?

Not really. I wish it would stop growing and just stay at the length I cut it to. It's a pain in the arse.

Do you like yourself?

Hmmm. Is this one of those psychology research questionnaire thingies??

I guess I'd have to say, "not as much as I should".

Would you go out to eat with George W. Bush?  

Not these days. Jerk.

What are you listening to right now?

The sounds of my typing on the keyboard, and one of the customer service reps talking on the phone with a customer.

Are your parents strict?  

Nah. I think they wanted to be, but just didn't have a knack for it.

Would you go sky diving?

It's one of those things that I always say, "I'd like to do that", but I'm too lazy and cheap to actually do it.

Do you like cottage cheese?


Have you ever met a celebrity?

Uh... it seems like I have, in elementary school - but who it was, I can't begin to recall. Just that it was somebody who wanted to tell us about good eating habits or staying away from strangers or something and he was somebody that we all knew - an actor, maybe.

Do you rent movies often?  

I'm a buyer.

Is there anything sparkly in the room you're in?  

Only my personality. But, at least I'm not walking around trying to be a bad-ass, undead vampire while twinkling.

How many countries have you visited?

Only 1.

Have you made a prank phone call?

No, I was the bystander telling everyone we were going to get in trouble... wet-blanket whiner.

Ever been on a train?

Yes... but I'm starting to feel that these are utterly random questions.

Brown or white eggs?

White. But only because they're cheaper.

Do you have a cell-phone?

I do, but it's always off. It's just for if I need to call the auto club to come and rescue me... there is an awful lot of empty road between work and home.

Do you use chap stick?

Occasionally, but I prefer Carmax.

Do you own a gun?  

I do not.

Can you use chop sticks?

I think it's safer to say I can bumble with chopsticks and am able to avoid poking an eye out.

Who are you going to be with tonight?  

My fellow employees. How blessed I am.

Are you too forgiving?

I think it is more accurate to say that I make all of the forgiving noises too easily - that doesn't mean I'm not harboring resentments that I find hard to let go of.

Ever been in love?

I am. I don't recommend it.

What is your best friend(s) doing tomorrow (or the next soonest week day)?

I don't know. I am a horrible friend who doesn't keep in contact with anyone because of my hermit-tendencies.

Ever have cream puffs?

Yes... more randomness? Is this a psychological test thing where only some of the questions are actually relevant?

Last time you cried?

I'm not sure. It's been awhile - which means I'm probably overdue. I've felt like crying off and on for the past week, but I haven't actually done it.

What was the last question you asked?

Can you tell me if you're doing work in the Sandusky, OH region?

Favorite time of the year?

Spring - on the cusp of Summer.

Do you have any tattoos?

I do not.

Are you sarcastic?

Yes. Or maybe it's more sardonic. Either way, it's hard to remember that y'all can't tell that just by my typing.

Have you ever seen The Butterfly Effect?  

I have not. Isn't that Ashton's flick? I find him both irritating and annoying, even when he seems genuine and engaging. I hate his camera commercials.

Ever walked into a wall?

Ugh - far more than could normally be expected from someone who isn't legally blind.

Favorite color?  

The darkest of blues - like Midnight Blue/nearly black, but no, it's blue- blue.

Have you ever slapped someone?  

Oh, sure. I'm a violent, slappy psychopath.

Is your hair curly?

Uh, no. Is that a requirement for this survey?

What was the last CD you bought?

I really don't recall.

Do looks matter?  

Yes. We like to pretend otherwise, but yes.

Could you ever forgive a cheater?

Depends. Cheater at cards? Cheater at gambling? Cheater at sex/relationships? I need more context.

Is your phone bill sky high?

Not by itself - but when you add the broadband connection and the DirecTV -- whew.

Do you like your life right now?

Well... I'll admit I'm a little bitter. I distinctly recall God promising me I'd be born to rich parents who believed in spoiling. He lied. But on the other hand, I'm not drinking dirty puddle water or starving to death do y'know, it isn't nearly a bad life.

Do you sleep with the TV on?

No. I can't stand that.

Can you handle the truth?

Sure *grabs up butcher knife*, just what 'truth' do you have to share with me?

Do you have good vision?

I wear glasses. And, you should refer to that wall thing above - but I'm not wandering around unable to distinguish people's faces or anything.

Do you hate or dislike more than 3 people? 

Hate is such a strong word - on the other hand, I can name three people I loathe and if that's not hatred, it's in the same neighborhood. I'll say 'yes, I do'.

How often do you talk on the phone?

A few times a day as part of my job. Nearly never (literally - I can go a month at a time without picking up the phone) at home.

The last person you held hands with?

*groooaaan* I miss you, Tom. Come home.

What are you wearing?

Just clothes - tennis shoes, sweatsocks, blue jeans, underwear (tighty-whities), and a white short sleeved.

What is your favourite animal?

I'd say Dolphins, but sometimes I think whales are edging them out.

Where was your favorite picture taken at?

Huh. I guess I'd say the scenic view from the top of the Smokies.

Can you hula hoop?

Once upon a time - but it's been quite a while and now I'm working with a handicap in the form of the male middle-age spread. I'd be willing to give it a shot, if you got one lying around.

Do you have a job?

Thank you, Lord, yes. So far.

What was the most recent thing you bought?

A Mountain Dew out of the pop machine - but I don't like that answer. It's too transitory and junky. I'm going to lie and tell you it was a DVD - the remake of "The Crazies".

Have you ever crawled through a window?

Yes. I'm one of the morons who have locked the door from the inside, only to realize I didn't have my keys after I slammed it shut from outside.

Seriously - what was up with the randomness of these questions?

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