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Buffy poll - What's My Line - two parter.

I combined the two-parter together for this one, so we have a full 7-question poll! Yay! - gabrielleabelle

And, we love you for it. Let's leap into the poll:

Order of Taraka. Threatening or no?  

Errrr... I'm just gonna make a scoffing sound. Although, I'll give props for maggot-guy being icky.

What about Kendra? Dig her?  

Let's say that I like the idea of Kendra. A Slayer who was identified as a potential in early childhood, everything that Buffy isn't, but shielded from 'real life' so she could be honed to wear awful clothes and speak indecipherably - and, oh yeah - fight monsters. I liked the way she immediately bonded with Giles and the way she was all "You and a vampire? LAME". I liked the idea that there would be populations in the hidden corners of the world who were fully aware of demons and vampires and the Council and I like Kendra's backstory. I just wish she was more interesting. And, what would she have done if she'd spent her whole life being trained and then was never called? Would she just go on fighting monsters anyway until she died?

Kendra's accent?

I feel really badly piling on about this, because that guy that coached Bianca in the dialect really worked hard to give her a Caribbean feel. But - just, no.  

The Council fails to let Giles know that there's another Slayer. In S3's Faith, Hope, and Trick, he mentions a Watcher's retreat that he doesn't get invited to. What's up with this?

I think that Giles has failed to kiss the right ass (Hey, Mr. Travers - looking good, sir!) and that was probably why he got stuck with the Valley Girl Slayer in the first place. I don't think by this time The Council has had enough information to be antagonistic toward the Slayer, so it must be a Giles/Quentin problem - which makes 'Travers is petty' as the reason.

Which Order of Taraka assassin was the best?

Is this a question? It has to be bug-guy all the way!

So, let's play the speculation game. Let's pretend Buffy can have a job while doing her Slayer duties. What occupation do you think would work for her?

Oh, uh - hmmm. Okay, I'm going to be lame and say "Buffy is a smart and strong young woman who can be whatever she puts her mind to doing."

I wanted to say something in fashion, but then I remembered some of her clothes and gave that one up.

Pretend you're a movie reviewer and give this episode(s) a star rating.

I don't really like this last question on these things, 'cause until I do the actual review (sometime in 2070 at this rate), I can't be entirely sure. I mean, I thought I loathed "I Robot, You Jane" and ended up giving it 3-stars, instead on review. But, I think this one will be in the 3.5 range - so I'll vote 3-stars.

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