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Eliza talks about Faith.

Dushku recently attended the Supanova Pop Culture Expo, where she talked about her years as Faith, and her character’s many complexities, with enduring appreciation. “What I loved about her was that even when she was completely in the dark side, completely out of her mind and killing people and torturing people, she was written in a way, and we played her in a way, that people still felt for her, people still pulled for her. It wasn’t just black and white, good and evil, it was this really complex grey area and people loved her in spite of everything she did.” 


The thing that makes me love the Buffyverse so much (and I'm including Angel's series in here) is how often our sympathies can shift. We may hate Faith in the moment that she's doing something despicable, but we keep wanting her to be redeemed - and this goes for so many of the characters: Jonathon, Willow, Angel, Jenny Calender, Giles, Anya, even- lord help me- Harmony.

But back to Eliza and Faith: I have this deep and abiding platonic love for this actress, but it really is due to her portrayal of Faith. Even when she was being an evil bitca, she always managed to reflect something in her eyes or the set of her chin that made us believe that her character didn't believe half of what she was saying. And these clues in her body language, or the way she says a line that allows us to wholeheartedly (at least, me, anyway) her sudden turnaround and collapse in the alley while fighting Angel.

How much would I give for a Faith tv-movie... how's about a kidney?
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