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Wow. Seeing Red is the Episode!

We have another poll about 'Seeing Red', but this time it isn't about the AR... but just to be clear, I understand why that is the focus.  Although, I also picture Tara lying on the floor when I think of this episode in addition to Spike/Buffy in the bathroom... and Willow's red eyes which, when I saw the episode the first time, made me immediately exclaim, "Oh, shit."

"In Seeing Red, Buffy tells Spike she couldn't let Xander kill him (in Entropy). Here's the dialogue (beginning of Spike's first line is cut out):

SPIKE: You should have let him kill me.

BUFFY: I couldn't do that.


BUFFY: You know why.

SPIKE: Because you love me.

BUFFY: No! I don't."

What do you think Buffy meant when she said "You know why," and why didn't she say it more specifically?

I think Buffy cares deeply for Spike - or for the man that she thinks she saw in him up until the AR, and still sees in him after his return. Does she love him? Yes, she does. But that isn't the same as being IN LOVE with him - which I would answer no to (unless S8 and Joss prove me wrong - he's Universe-God and I'll accept his viewpoint in canon).

I also think that Buffy glimpsed something in him - perhaps in S5, on the staircase of the Summers' home - that convinces her at that point that he'll be redeemed, even with evidence to the contrary. Call it another example of Slayer-insight, but she knew - she just didn't have the vocabulary or the conscious thoughts that would allow her to vocalize what she knew.

Do you think Spike really knew why?  

I went with "

I don't know exactly what was going through either of their minds, truthfully. But, I think Spike was still too desperate to believe that she was his "new-Dru" to even think of anything else.

Do you think this is the same reason Buffy hasn't killed him all along?  

It's very possible that this is the most complicate relationship in the Buffyverse. I think Buffy would have killed him without much thought about it before his 'chipping'. But after that, she couldn't. It would be too much like being a murderer, no matter how irritating he was or how much he basically tried to goad her. As the Slayer, she had learned her lesson about letting her disgust, anger and revulsion get the better of her when she "killed" Ted (the first time, before she knew he was a robot, obviously).

She wasn't about to kill anything again, just because he/she had a big mouth. They had to prove that they were still a soulless threat, and by the time that happened (As You Were), she was already emotionally involved. She probably could have justified herself in Primeval, but they had won and she was exhausted from the combine-spell. If one of the Scoobies had been killed because of his conspiring with Adam, he would have been staked - but since everything worked out - she shrugged it off, just happy that Adam was gone and everyone was safe.

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